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    Router for Decentralized World

    Build Hybrid Applications to Break The Internet

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    Build Solyd
    Based Systems

    Faster Goto Market; Scalable Performance; 360 Integration


Router of Decentralised World

A better way to Produce, Deliver and Consume.

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    Manage pre-production to post-production lifecycle
    on blockchain ERP
    to become highly available supplier

    Blockchain based hybrid ERP integrated with your every upstream and downstream supplier

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    Ship: People, Goods, Produce
    Track: Timeline, Compliance, Fulfilment
    Manage: Performance, Efficiency, Economics
    with Pikme.io

    Infinietly Scalable Logistics

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    Advertising: Build Market & brand on blockchain

    Data is key to find your users.
    Transparency based integrated solicitation & outreach.


Hybrid DAG Blockchain

SOLYD network spans across multiple blockchains like Etherium, Bitcoin, TIM, NEO etc. There are no public tokens to participate. The tokens are available only to enterprise for running their suitable business solutions.

Private and Public Modes

The network can be operated by exposong the chains to public for collaborativeness or in secure the integrity by hash mapping in private mode. A custom level of data security, data access, and historical data control options are available.

No currency

The tokens of the network are not treated as currency. Every participant buys tokens based on their needs through our treasury. But these tokens are a way to provide network security and performance guarantee. We do not facilitate token exchange or buy-back.

Better than Cloud

Blockchain solutions save money directly as well as indirectly.
They also provide new ways to engage and service users. We have replaced many server farms by using blockchain.
it also provides auto-reconciliation for all types of businesses which improves reporting, auditing and transparency.

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    Infinite Scalability for geo-spatial routing,
    geo-fenced logic gates
    & decentralized hybrid applications

    DAG based Blockchain Platform for Production
    Fast & Scalable at fraction of Cloud Cost



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